Sunday, December 16, 2007

Water Can Move?

By way of explanation:

The reason for the blog-silence is not misery, lassitude, or sudden bingeing on substances. I am not laid up with a virus, hungover, tweaked by bad mommy-vibes, or irritated, for once. Because I am on vacation. And hence I have nothing to crab about. Yet. And as you all know, I don't like to post unless I have something to complain about or someone to embarrass or call out. To post otherwise goes against my blog-religion.

Yes, we are in Cape Town at last. Somehow we managed to get Crabtot from the northern to the southern hemisphere (for more on the odyssey, check the bloglet), to South Africa land of sun, sea, sand, and poor internet connections. A real vacation then. And not a moment too soon. Just before leaving Crabtown, I remarked to a woman in the blasted library that her two year old looked older (the kid was tall). Mom responded with a classic, "Yes, she's tall and also she's very verbal for her age." Ah yes, THAT WOULD EXPLAIN IT. Time to skip the hometown routines for a while, then. Indeed I am glad to leave Crabtot to auntly and grandmotherly entertainments instead of hitting the library. How lovely to have her sort through Crabgrandma's semi-precious stone collection instead of exchanging banter with the verbally advanced.

I will soon be reporting more regularly and, I hope, with some humor and drama. For now I remain in my bathrobe looking at the clouds drowning out Table Mountain and wondering if we should go to the beach, the lovely lead-paint playgrounds (and I seriously mean they are lovely, the paint on the jungle gyms warm and satisfying to peel off in long strips...), or if we should just hang by Crabgrandma's pool. The view from my computer:
I think this is the first post in which I haven't attempted to be interesting or irritated or tried to amuse. I apologize for the dull narrative; just to say please don't desert me. I will return. I am sure I will soon be back to my crotchety self. Meantime visit the bloglet if you want to see a half-assed Christmas Craftacular involving treetop angels and human devils.

As for the title of this post, it's Crabtot's first reponse to a dip in the ocean.


Villagepig said...

For a moment there I thought I was feeling a touch of jealousy but then I realised there is no need because.... this time next week the hubby, the twinlets and I will all be frequenting the sunny land of South Africa ourselves!!

Before anyone wonders if we're likely to cross paths, we'll be hours apart (I'll be in my hometown of Joey's) but it is sunny SA nonetheless.

yay for us - having a warm climate to visit over winter :-)

Let me know if you make the trip to Jhb and we can hook up for coffee!


Alexis said...

Wow, I'm jealous. I hope you have a great trip. I am eager to hear how the travel went since I plan to fly from the midwest to Brussels with an as-yet-unborn 6-8 week old in February. There is a real dearth of advice for travel with newborns, maybe because it's an INSANE thing to do?

Unknown said...

beautiful picture...enjoy your vacation!

Tarheel Rambler said...

Cheer up! No one should stay crabby all the time. That could cause ulcers or, at the least, chronic heartburn.

Have a great Christmas!

Tar Heel Ramblings said...

Glad you had a safe trip, but do tell ... how much OTC medication did crabtot receive during the journey.

Don't worry about your 'sunny' post, I am sure that crabgrandma and crabauntie will soon be driving you crazy and you'll have all sort of things to crab about.

You know all those ... you should do this and you should do that and your sister is sooo perfect.

Please tell me that happens to you ... please!

twin-mamma said...

crabmommy, you ROCK!! love your crabposts...can relate. i check in frequently to hear the latest crab. your crab was an adsense ad on my page...had to check it out. keep on crabbing!! twin-mamma

Anonymous said...

crabmommy, just read through the litanly of christian/lds/athiest/whatever posts...hurray to you for responding to the many bloggers out there. i am a blue-blood black-sheep episcopalian from just outside the tracks...i appreciate reading all of the intellectual feedback you get, it makes me think, and i like to think and be challenged...i "get" your comments about the many christian blog-mommys...home-inculcating-schooling gives me the creeps. this is coming from a previous public and private high school english teacher...forgive the poor grammar, it is late...for one to assume that home-schooling her children is healthy is beyond me. i am a huge fan of public schooling, although i was privately schooled k-M.Ed., and believe that a child has the right to be exposed to the "real world". these parents are doing a grave disservice to their children in not exposing them to what is out there in the big wide "evil" world...on the other hand, i guess those parents are providing for their children how to operate and function in the bubble of the post-home-schooled world. they are cheating their children out of the choice and opportunity to choose for themselves what kind of life they want to lead. why not send them to public school and teach the children at home how to make healthy, appropriate choices within the context of the rest of the world?

Jege (Jen) said...

Crabmom- have you and Crabhub been able to check your email from SA? If so, hopefully you received my somewhat urgent message...

crabmommy said...

right on! and right there with you. So glad adsense brought us together! At least it's good for that!